BRE物流国内唯一伊朗专线 伊朗快递空运物流

 新闻资讯     |      2021-06-06 20:53

BRE物流国内唯一伊朗专线 伊朗快递空运物流
BRE国际速递是专注于中国和伊朗之间的专业国际快递服务商。我们致力于为中伊两国人民提供优质专业的伊朗快递服务。在中国“丝绸之路”的国家大战略号召下,在伊朗解除国际制裁的背景下,我们肩负使命,努力将荣储打造成为:丝绸之路的桥梁 ,中伊经济的纽带。

TKEX is the biggest region express company between china and Iran.
We are specialized in door to door services (express shipping) from China to Iran.
TKEX is a locally owned international Express shipping company.  Founded in June 06, and has gone from strength to strength to become The International Courier on your doorstep.
Whether it is residential shifting or commercial consignment, Capital Worldwide offers end to end logistics solutions irrespective of the place.   The company’s reputation for excellence in the customs and freighting industry is well known.
The company pride itself on it’s ability to ensure not only cost effective but also, provides best standards in customer service, time bound safe deliveries and door to door services which add to overall customer satisfaction.
TKEX Express is committed to providing the best combination of service and value in expedited shipping.
Through our global network of partners we can provide full set of air freight services, air cargo transportation, TKEXak-bulk shipping, warehousing and distribution, international moving, cargo insurance, PO management and tracking and tracing along with a array of other services. Ask us how we can stream line your logistics and help you save time, energy and money in your shipping.
For a deeper look at our services, please visit our Services Page.
We have excellent teams all over the China and we are committed to providing the most competitive rates. Please contact our sales department for a friendly quote. Customer references gladly made available to you upon request. We utilize an online express tracking system to keep our customers updated with their accounts as well as other developing shipping news.